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99% High Purity SARMs Raw Powder YK11 Powder Protect Liver In Fitness CAS 431579-34-9

99% High Purity SARMs Raw Powder YK11 Powder Protect Liver In Fitness CAS 431579-34-9

    • 99% High Purity SARMs Raw Powder YK11 Powder Protect Liver In Fitness CAS 431579-34-9
    • 99% High Purity SARMs Raw Powder YK11 Powder Protect Liver In Fitness CAS 431579-34-9
  • 99% High Purity SARMs Raw Powder YK11 Powder Protect Liver In Fitness CAS 431579-34-9

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: SHANGHAI
    Brand Name: YIJING
    Certification: ISO, GMP
    Model Number: 431579-34-9

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 10grams
    Price: USD1-2/gram
    Packaging Details: Customized
    Delivery Time: 3 workdays
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Bitcoin
    Supply Ability: 50KGS/month
    Detailed Product Description
    Purity: 99% Other Name: (17a,20E)-17,20-[(1-Methoxyethylidene)bis(oxy)]-3-oxo-19-norpregna- 4,20-diene-21-carboxylic Acid Methyl Ester
    CAS No.: 431579-34-9 MOQ: 10grams
    Delivery: TNT, UPS, EMS, FEDEX

    Basic Information:
    Name: YK11
    CAS No.: 431579-34-9
    Other Name: (17a,20E)-17,20-[(1-Methoxyethylidene)bis(oxy)]-3-oxo-19-norpregna- 4,20-diene-21-carboxylic Acid Methyl Ester;YK11 ((17α,20E)-17,20-[(1-methoxyethylidene)bis-(oxy)]-3-oxo-;DNA (Terrabacter strain YK11 16S rRNA gene fragment)
    1. What Is Raw YK11 Powder?
    SARMS, including the YK11 are very popular in the bodybuilding industry and the main reason for this is because they can help you to gain muscle and lose fat. This is very similar when compared to AAS but the best thing is that they won’t give you any of the nasty side effects. Some of the side effects you would normally experience include high blood pressure, HPTA shutdown, liver damage and more. SARMS don’t give you these effects because they are much more selective in the areas that they target so you can still get the muscle gain and fat loss.
    It is a well known fact that there are some SARMS out there that are a lot more effective than others and YK11 is one of the newest ones on the market at the moment. This fits into the elite selections of SARMS and it has proven time and time again that it can change your genetic potential when it comes to building muscle. So as you can see, YK11 really is one of the most powerful SARMS on the market but that being said, it is also very new to the market as well and this can put a lot of people off when it comes to the overall use of it right now.
    2. How Does Raw YK11 Powder Works?
    YK will operate as an Anti Andorgen (stopping testosterone etc binding in the body). With some anabolic potential in low levels of Test/DHT. As a derivative of DHT it is likely that little muscle mass gains can be achieved directly from it. However, muscle retention, muscle hardness, strength and Libido are likely to increase. Meaning it would be a compound bodybuilders would run going into a show rather than during the off season, yet it is often marketed a mass builder.
    So what makes it so special? It’s value as a SARM is unlike anything this market has ever seen before and it acts as a very potent androgen as well. This, combined with the minimum side effects you get mean that this SARM is certainly one of the top most desired SARMS on the market and on top of all this, it is also a very effective myostatin inhibitor as well! Myostatin is a well known protein and when this is present, it can act as a limiter when it comes to your muscle tissue and the overall production of it.
    That means even though your genes may be limiting you and your muscle, this SARM will go against that and create the muscle anyway. In other words, if you are of a small stature and you want to do everything you can to increase your size but you just can’t, this can help you to do that without any problems. It increases your build and your potential to build muscle in the first place, so when you look at the scientific facts behind it, it isn’t hard to see why YK11 is a real game changer.
    A lot of SARMS come with a limited androgenic effect but most of the time, this can’t really be compared to that of testosterone. With YK11 this is not the case and it cannot be compared to testosterone at all. Kanno first started by testing the C2C12 muscle cells and he did not do this on animals or humans. He then found out that the muscle cells in the body produce far more anabolic factors if they are exposed to 500nmol, or nannomoles of YK11 when compared to if you exposed them to the same amount of DHT. So what does that mean? It basically means that YK11 actually induces muscle cells, causing them to make more follistatin. This is way more then when compared to DHT which is a very strong myostatin inhibitor. YK11 also works through the androgen receptor as well so this is something else you need to keep in mind when you are using them for the very first time. That being said, YK11 is as good as testosterone when you look at how much strength it can add to your muscles and it doesn’t give you any of the detrimental side effects as well.
    3. How To Use Raw YK11 Powder?
    The problem is YK-11 has absolutely no testing and no licenced researchers, pharma company or Sarms company has continued any research on it. YK has had No Animal testing (no rats or mice) and obviously no human studies. YK only has in vitro data on C2C12 cells from mice myoblast cell line capable of differentiation. In other words, it’s only been tested in a test tube. This experiment does tell us that it has the potential to cause muscle differentiation at certain concentrations. But this cannot be directly translated into human dosages because there is 0 data on its metabolism. However now that we know it is a synthetic steroid you could argue that an informed guess from other synthetic steroids would give rough indications of its metabolism. But nothing concrete and certainly nothing proved.
    You’ll see on a number of website the following points made;
    - The correct dosage
    - The best human dosage for muscle building
    - The half life
    - Short and long term side effects
    - That no PCT is needed
    - That it is not hepatoxic to the liver
    All of these points are completely false and made up. Some will be from individuals with trial and error but nothing is actually proven or remotely shown to have promise through actual science.
    YK-11 is highly likely to need a strong PCT following it as it is a steroid.
    YK-11 is likely to be hepatoxic to the liver due to the 4 methylated groups in its nomenclature. Having said that because of where they are it is unlikely to be massively toxic to the liver. Liver values are likely to increase but not massively jump.
    YK-11 half-life has not been proven and nor have the potential side effects.
    99% High Purity SARMs Raw Powder YK11 Powder Protect Liver In Fitness CAS 431579-34-9

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